Knight Re-elected in East Yorkshire

Conservative candidate for East Yorkshire Sir Greg Knight has been re-elected by the people of East Yorkshire.

The final results saw Sir Greg receive 31,442 votes compared with his nearest rival from the Labour Party with 16,436 votes.

Sir Greg, who has been the MP for the area since 2001 said: “It is a great honour to be chosen again to represent the most beautiful area in the country”. He pledged to continue to campaign on issues important to local people.

In his speech following the announcement Sir Greg thanked the people of East Yorkshire and his local Conservative Party team.

Knight Calls for Better Broadband

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has had a meeting with Matt Hancock MP, the Minister of State for Digital and Culture at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, to discuss improving broadband access in East Yorkshire.

Sir Greg and the Minister discussed boosting broadband connection and speeds in East Yorkshire and what more could be done to improve digital access locally.

The Minister told Sir Greg that the Digital Economy Bill currently before Parliament will give 4,251 more households in East Yorkshire a legal right to access broadband by 2020 taking the rate of connection in the area up to 91%.

Sir Greg said: “The Digital Economy Bill is good news for people in rural areas and it has my full backing”.

“Although I welcome the work that is taking place in rolling out faster broadband, there is always more that can be done and I urged the Minister to keep this as his number one priority”.

Knight Welcomes ‘Litter-Lout’ Crackdown

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is welcoming Government plans to cut the £800m burden to the taxpayer of cleaning up mess from ‘litter-louts’.

Sir Greg says: “Litter is something that affects us all – spoiling our towns, blighting our countryside, harming our wildlife and polluting our seas. These new proposals include better distribution of public litter bins and will see irresponsible litterers hit with tough fines”.

Under the plans householders will be able to dispose of DIY waste at rubbish dumps free of charge, which should discourage fly-tippers and Highways England will tackle the worst litter hotspots across our road network.

Sir Greg adds: “East Yorkshire is one of the most beautiful parts of the country but for too long a small and selfish minority of visitors to our area have got away scot-free with littering. Soon they will be faced with a choice of cleaning up their act or coughing up for a fine”.

“I believe that this new litter strategy will be welcomed by the majority of residents who have pride in the area in which they live and want to see it looking its best”.

Knight Calls for Investigation into Ivory Trade ‘Loophole’

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is asking the Government to establish an inquiry into the extent to which antique dealers are misrepresenting the age of ivory in order to bypass sanctions on its sale.

Currently the sale of post-1947 ivory is banned in the UK. However it may be traded if it originates from prior to 1947. There are now reports of some unscrupulous traders selling ivory by exploiting this ‘loophole’ and falsely claiming it to be from a pre-1947 date.

Sir Greg, who has campaigned on this matter at Westminster, said: “Significant progress has been made protecting the world’s endangered species thanks in part to the work of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, but we can do more”.

“If there is widespread flouting of the rules then those responsible need to feel the full force of the law. I am asking Ministers to launch an enquiry to establish the true scale of deceit on this matter”.

He added: “We need to take firm and effective action to protect endangered wildlife”.

Knight Calls for Action Against Irresponsible Dog Owners

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is calling for further action to be taken to put an end to the growing problem of dog attacks on livestock. This follows the release of shocking new figures which reveal that approximately 15,000 sheep in the UK were killed by dogs in 2016 and thousands more were injured.

Sir Greg has raised this issue with Ministers in Parliament and he is urging a thorough review of the laws on livestock worrying.

Sir Greg says: “Too many city people come to rural areas like East Yorkshire and allow their dogs to torment and sometimes attack local livestock. Unfortunately, some of these people do not realise that even without an animal being attacked, the distress caused by unruly dogs can cause aborted lambs and other problems for sheep”.

He added: “If dog owners have even the slightest doubt about their ability to control their pet, they should keep the animal on a lead”.

“It seems that the current maximum penalty of £1,000 fine may be not enough to provide a deterrent. It is certainly not proportionate to the thousands of pounds of damage dogs can cause to livestock”.

Sir Greg welcomed the fact that the police were looking at what further action could be taken adding: “Increasing the chances of prosecution so that this irresponsible behaviour is punished is a very good start”.

Knight Seeks Clock Change

As the country moves to British summertime East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has called for the scrapping of ‘winter time’ this autumn so we can enjoy lighter afternoons the whole year around.

Sir Greg has renewed his earlier calls for the UK to use ‘Double Summertime’ in summer and ‘Single Summertime’ in winter.

Sir Greg, who has long campaigned in the House of Commons for this change, is backed by road safety campaigners, Tourism bosses, the Football Association, the England and Wales Cricket Board, the Lawn Tennis Association and The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

“Putting Britain on summertime this winter would greatly help tourism in East Yorkshire and elsewhere and would also reduce accidents”.

Sir Greg added, “In the morning, most road journeys are predictable and people are fresh and alert. If the first journey of the day was partly in darkness, it would still be safer than the present situation where for over three months of the year, most afternoon and early evening journeys are carried out in darkness.”

“Saving lives is not the only reason for changing the clocks”, added Sir Greg, “we would also save energy as daylight hours would better reflect our waking hours.”

Knight Calls for a Crackdown on Broadband Adverts

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is calling for changes to broadband advertising rules.

Currently broadband companies can make claims which suggest download speeds achieved by a mere 10% of their customers are available to everyone.

In the House of Commons Sir Greg said: “Is it not the case that, in effect, those who advertise in this way obtain by false pretences? They use statistics selectively and in a misleading way to obtain business”.

Sir Greg adds: “This needs tightening up so customers have a realistic idea of what they’re getting without having to read through pages of fine print”.

The Minister for the Digital Economy Matthew Hancock replied: “Broadband, customers need clear, concise and accurate information to make an informed choice. We are therefore including measures in the Digital Economy Bill to strengthen Ofcom’s powers to provide information to consumers, including data on the accuracy of broadband speed predictions”.

“We are working with regulators and industry to ensure that advertising for broadband more accurately reflects the actual speeds consumers can expect to receive, rather than a headline ‘up to’ speed available only to a few”.

“There should not be a gap between what is promised by providers and what is experienced by the consumer.”

Sir Greg welcomed the Minister’s commitment to reforming the current system which he said was ‘good news’ for consumers.

Knight Welcomes Help for Pubs

Pubs and small businesses will receive extra help with their business rates bill, the chancellor has announced.

Every pub with a rateable value of less than £100,000 will receive a discount of £1,000 in 2017, a move that affects 90% of all pubs, Chancellor Philip Hammond said.

Also, small businesses set to lose their rate relief in the planned revamp will see increases capped at £50 a month. Overall, the extra relief will cost the government £435m, the chancellor said.

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight, who has campaigned on behalf of pubs, today welcomed the move. “This much-needed help will save the pub sector approximately £24m and will help to safeguard future investment and jobs”, he said.

Knight Meets Local Farmers

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has met with local farmers and National Farmers Union representatives in Driffield to discuss issues of concern.

The meeting, organised by the NFU, covered a wide range of issues from bird flu to Brexit.

Sir Greg thanked the NFU for organising the meeting and said the tone was ‘positive and constructive’. He agreed to take up a number of the issues raised by farmers with DEFRA minister George Eustice MP.

Sir Greg said, “It is vital that we have good farming policy not only because of the jobs that farming provides both here in East Yorkshire and across the country but for its crucial contribution Britain’s food and drink industry and for our food security”.

Pictured: Sir Greg with NFU representative Andrew Scott and local farmers.

MP Backs Farmers on Proposed Pig Feed Ban

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has pressed the Government to make the case in the EU against banning certain nutrients in piglet feed.

Sir Greg says: “Zinc Oxide is an important additive in piglet feed and it helps piglets thrive. However following pressure from the Governments of France and the Netherlands, bureaucrats in Europe now want to ban it.

Sir Greg has asked farming minister George Eustace to make the case in Europe against the ban. The Minister replied that following UK representations, plans for an EU wide ban are now being reconsidered.

Sir Greg said: “Zinc oxide has a vital role in piglet health and its continued use is vital to the industry. I am pleased that UK Ministers recognise this and I hope common sense will prevail”.