Better School Funding

East Riding schools are set to benefit from a new National Funding Formula (NFF) in 2018.

Local MPs Graham Stuart and Sir Greg Knight have long called for action and campaigned for change to a fairer system.

The new formula, which will come into effect in 2018, will give every local school a cash boost and provide a more transparent system for educational funding.

The Department for Education have said that every school will benefit from the new formula. Had the NFF been in place for the 2017/18 academic year, schools across The East Riding would have seen an increase in their income on average over 4%.
While the NFF will give specific assistance to schools and pupils in deprived areas, the funding is designed to help every school pupil.

In Sir Greg’s view, for too long, some areas have not received a fair share of the education budget, and he welcomes the news that the Government is starting to redress the balance.

The campaign led by Graham, Sir Greg and others has helped persuade the Government to introduce this new national funding formula.

Knight Welcomes Action on ‘Flood Risk’ Hulks

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is welcoming plans by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council to remove ten sunken vessels from the River Hull, which are increasing the risk of flooding in the area. The sunken boats are located between Tickton and Beverley and the plans are to remove the boats by the end of September this year.

Sir Greg, who chairs the River Hull Board said: ‘These vessels have been identified as causing an obstruction of the river and it was decided, rightly in my view, to remove them as part of the River Hull Integrated Catchment Strategy (RHICS), which is designed to improve the flow of the river and reduce the risk of flooding for local communities.

“Flooding in the River Hull valley represents the second biggest flood risk to the wider area so anything that can be done to reduce the risk of flooding is welcome”.

Following a meeting this month of the River Hull Board, chaired by Sir Greg, the East Riding of Yorkshire Council is now arranging the relevant permits with the Environment Agency to undertake this salvage work.

Sir Greg added: ‘Removing these sunken vessels from the River Hull is a key part of the RHICS. I am pleased that all of the interested parties involved in the River Hull Board are playing their part in helping to reduce the risk of flooding for hundreds of homes and businesses alongside the River Hull and are now taking action that many local communities and farmers have been calling for’.

Listen to Greg comment on reducing flood risk

Knight Welcomes New Slaughterhouse Action

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has warmly welcomed the announcement by the Government that CCTV is to become mandatory in all slaughterhouses in England under plans to safeguard animal welfare.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove said the proposals would ‘cement the UK’s position as a global leader on animal welfare’ by giving the Food Standards Agency unrestricted access to footage of all areas containing livestock.

The announcement follows a campaign by Greg, animal welfare groups and others for CCTV to become mandatory in abattoirs.

The Government also said it would raise standards for farm animals by updating statutory animal welfare codes to reflect advancements in medicine and technology and also take into account the latest research and advice from vets.

Sir Greg said: ‘This is good news. Any breaches of animal welfare rules by a slaughterhouse can result in a welfare enforcement notice, the suspending or revoking of a licence or even a criminal investigation. The problem in taking action in the past has always been lack of evidence. Now that obstacle is being addressed.”

“This announcement, although overdue, is most welcome.”

Greg To Take on Rogue Parking Companies

This year, East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is one of 20 MPs to be successful in the ballot to present a Private Members Bill to Parliament.

Sir Greg has tabled the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill for debate after discovering that the number of privately issued parking ‘tickets’ soared to 4.7 million last year – a rise of 28% in just one year.

Following the ban on wheel clamping in 2012, private parking providers are now issuing a ticket every seven seconds – many of them in dubious circumstances.

Some dodgy operators are engaging in practices including ‘ghost ticketing’, unclear and ambiguous signing and issuing tickets despite malfunctioning parking payment machines. Currently, there is no legally-binding, mandatory code of practice.

Sir Greg said: “Of course private landowners have rights, but when landowners invite people to park on their property the rules need to be fair to both parties.

“Time and again I hear horror stories from motorists, so this Bill will reform unfair parking practices. It will oblige anyone who wants to run a car park on private land to operate in a fair and reasonable way that respects the rights of all involved.”

Knight Calls for Action on Unlawful Traveller Camps

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is one of a number of MPs sponsoring a House of Commons Motion calling for coordinated action to tackle unauthorised Traveller encampments across Britain.

A situation frequently arises where some Traveller groups are evicted from public land, often a public park or recreation facility, only to return days or weeks later. Police are often having to deal with anti-social and illegal behaviour whilst local authorities are obliged to seek multiple eviction notices and local taxpayers bear the costs of clearing sites after the Traveller groups leave.

Sir Greg said: “We need an urgent review of existing legal powers to deal with unauthorised encampments. The situation as it stands is unacceptable because local residents, who pay for public amenities through their taxes, are all too often then temporarily prevented from using them as well as having to suffer unacceptable noise and nuisance”.

Knight Welcomes Beeford Waste Plant Defeat

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has welcomed as ‘the right decision’ the announcement that the applicant for a waste plant near the village of Beeford has decided to abandon the appeal against the refusal of planning permission by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council for an anaerobic digester.

Sir Greg said today: “The proposal was far too big and was in the wrong place. I am therefore delighted that the misguided plans to lodge an appeal against refusal of planning permission have been dropped”.

Sir Greg added: “I hope this is now the end of the matter and that the applicant does not seek to submit a further application for a slightly modified proposal on the same site. The local community is united in their opposition to such plans.”

Knight Backs Yorkshire Food & Farming

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is supporting the National Farmers Union Pride & Provenance campaign which is seeking promote Yorkshire food across the UK.

The campaign, which will be launched at the Yorkshire Show later this month, highlights the fantastic quality of food and drink that comes from Yorkshire farming and its enormous contribution to the regional economy.  Sir Greg backed the campaign at a special Parliamentary reception this week, where it was revealed that if ‘Yorkshire food’ was one company it would be “the largest in the world”.

At the launch Sir Greg met with local East Yorkshire farmers and listened to concerns over food labelling and the threat of banning harmless pesticides  by the EU.

Sir Greg said, “Farming is vital not only for the jobs it provides both in East Yorkshire and across the country but for its crucial contribution Britain’s multi-billion food and drink industry. There are many ways we can all help farming in Yorkshire be even more successful and this Pride & Provenance campaign is one of them”.


Pictured at the Westminster NFU event are Sir Greg Knight MP (left) and Lord Kirkhope of Harrogate

Knight Urges Action on Ivory Trade

Following revelations that dozens of African elephants are still being killed every day East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is backing an all-party Parliamentary motion calling for a total end to the ivory trade in the UK.

Under existing law only antique ivory is allowed to be bought and sold in Britain. However it has emerged that some unscrupulous dealers are falsely ‘antiquing’ ivory using artificial stains or ageing techniques. Because of this deception other nations are now introducing a total ban on ivory trade.

Sir Greg said: “Currently an average of one African elephant is killed every 15 minutes for its ivory. This is an international disgrace. By far the best way to save the African elephant is to remove the confusion and introduce a total ban on ivory sales with immediate effect”.

“We should do everything possible to preserve these endangered creatures for the next generation because elephants should be appreciated in their natural habitat – not in the form of a coffee-table trinket or ornament”.

Parliamentary Cyber Attack

Following the recent cyber-attack, some access to UK Parliament email accounts has been temporarily suspended.

The systems and the security are now being reviewed by the Parliamentary authorities. However this is causing delays to email access and at this stage it is not known when Parliamentary electronic mail will return to normal.

If you have recently contacted Greg’s office using a parliamentary email address, please telephone Teresa on 020 7219 4077 or 01377 812123 or re-send your earlier email to

Knight Re-elected in East Yorkshire

Conservative candidate for East Yorkshire Sir Greg Knight has been re-elected by the people of East Yorkshire.

The final results saw Sir Greg receive 31,442 votes compared with his nearest rival from the Labour Party with 16,436 votes.

Sir Greg, who has been the MP for the area since 2001 said: “It is a great honour to be chosen again to represent the most beautiful area in the country”. He pledged to continue to campaign on issues important to local people.

In his speech following the announcement Sir Greg thanked the people of East Yorkshire and his local Conservative Party team.