East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight was a leading member of the “Vote Leave” campaign and he is pleased with the referendum result which was:


Sir Greg said: “I urged people to vote “Leave” in the referendum on whether Britain should remain in, or leave, the European Union and I am delighted that locally the result in East Yorkshire was even better than the national vote, namely

REMAIN: 39.6% LEAVE: 60.4%

Some people who voted ‘remain’ are now asking for a second referendum because the vote was not what they anticipated. I am disappointed that they are such poor losers and are asking for the views of over 17 million people to be tossed aside.

Democracy has spoken and those wishing us to leave have won legitimately.

I now expect the Government to honour the public’s wishes.

Some people have recently expressed their disappointment with the government’s current negotiating position.

However, nothing is agreed until everything is agreed, so there is little point in undertaking a running commentary on suggestions still on the table for discussion, which may never form part of a final agreement.

Indeed, there might be no agreement reached at all and Britain could then leave the EU without any deal on WTO terms.

Across Britain, we all have different views and I think we should wait and see what those negotiating obtain out of this process before passing judgment.