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MP Attacks Fuel Price ‘Rip-Off’

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is calling for all service stations to pass on falling fuel prices to motorists following the continued drop in crude oil prices.

Crude oil has fallen below $30 (US) a barrel for the first time in more than 10 years. It has also fallen by nearly 75% since last summer. Some analysts are predicting it will fall further still. However there is concern that some oil companies and filling stations are not passing on the full savings to motorists.

Sir Greg said: “This should be good news, especially for people in rural areas. However it is disappointing that some greedy retailers are keeping their forecourt prices high and using the softening of crude oil prices as an opportunity for blatant profiteering.”

Sir Greg added: “Now, more than ever it is important to shop around for fuel. Some forecourts are rightly selling unleaded petrol for under £1 a litre but others are holding onto last year’s high prices. Motorists should force them to put an end to their profiteering by taking their business elsewhere”.

Knight Welcomes the Scrapping of Fuel Duty Rise

East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight has welcomed the Government’s decision to scrap the planned 2012 fuel duty increase.

Following a cross-party Parliamentary Motion to stop the fuel duty increase, backed by Mr Knight and others, the Chancellor has yesterday announced that the fuel duty increase will be cancelled and that there will be no duty increase before 2013.

Mr Knight said, “This news will be welcomed by people in rural areas like East Yorkshire, who are dependent on the car to get to work, as many do not have access to public transport. What’s more, an increase in fuel prices would also damage small businesses, hiking up the freight costs of everyday household goods.”

Mr Knight added, “Even a small increase in fuel duties can wreak havoc with family budgets. For those who have to drive to their workplace or for their job, a fuel duty increase would put a major strain on their wallet.”

Knight ‘Concerned’ About High Fuel Prices

Member of Parliament for East Yorkshire Greg Knight is callling on
the Government to ‘look carefully’ at the damage being caused by
high fuel prices and to scrap the planned fuel duty rise scheduled
for August this year.

Mr Knight said: ‘Fuel prices have hit record levels and the UK now
has the most expensive diesel in Europe.

He added: “High fuel prices hurt everyone, not just motorists. The
increasing cost of moving people and goods around the country
means more expensive goods and services, less money in our
wallets and a slowing of economic growth.”

Mr Knight added: “People in rural areas like East Yorkshire, where the
car is not a luxury, but a necessity, are the hardest hit by the
skyrocketing price of fuel. Almost everything is a car journey in
rural areas; the shops, the schools, the doctors and getting to work.
Often there is no alternative of using public transport.”

Referring to the Chancellors previous freeze on fuel duty, Mr Knight
said: “The present Government has done its bit since 2010 to put a
lid on the cost of motoring and our fuel tax is currently 10 pence
lower than it would have been without the intervention of the
Chancellor. When Mr Osborne next reviews our tax levels, the
rising cost of oil should be in the forefront of his mind.”

Mr Knight praised FairFuelUK and the Countryside Alliance who
have just revealed figures showing that as well as people having to
travel further in rural areas, they also pay more for their fuel per

The MP also criticised some garages for putting up pump prices by
more than was necessary.

Knight Welcomes Price Cut Ruling for Rural Broadband

East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight has welcomed the announcement by Ofcom that BT must cut the wholesale price it charges other internet providers in rural areas.

Mr Knight said: ‘In many rural telephone exchanges, BT is the only operator, and Internet Service Providers have to rent equipment from them. This can indirectly add as much as £10 to the typical monthly bill. Allowing for inflation, BT will now have to cut its wholesale prices by 12%. This will significantly reduce the price of broadband in rural areas for small providers.’

Mr Knight added: ‘I am pleased that Ofcom has recognised the unfair monopoly at some rural telephone exchanges. BT has been charging small internet service providers high rates to provide broadband to rural areas. This obviously forces them to pass on the costs to their customers. Ofcom’s announcement today is a step in the right direction.’

‘I will continue my campaign to make sure all residents of East Yorkshire have access to good-value, high-speed broadband. Geographical isolation should not mean digital isolation.’

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