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Greg Wins Ministerial support for coastal proposals

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has taken big steps forward in its bid to establish a sustainable approach to managing coastal erosion.

A series of actions have been agreed following a meeting of council representatives with Rory Stewart MP, Environment Minister at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), and East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight.

The council and Sir Greg MP outlined how Holderness has the fastest eroding coastline in western Europe and urged Mr Stewart MP to support local initiatives to manage coastal erosion.

The meeting resulted in Mr Stewart MP agreeing to officials at DEFRA working with the council to develop a localised approach to coastal change management in the East Riding.

The Environment Minister also agreed to lobby the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) to request that the criteria for the Coastal Communities Fund (CCF) be extended to allow applications for coastal change mitigation and adaptation proposals.

The outcomes have been welcomed by Sir Greg and the council.

This follows a visit by the Minister, at Sir Greg’s request, to Skipsea and Ulrome earlier this year.

Mr Stewart was able to see at first hand the issues facing the residents and property owners who live, literally, on the edge of the Holderness coast.

Sir Greg Knight MP said: “I am pleased to have be able to help the council with this important issue, am grateful to the Minister for his time and I look forward to DEFRA and the DCLG taking the proposals forward.”

The follow-up meeting to the site visit saw Sir Greg MP, Councillor Fraser, council chief executive Nigel Pearson and Alan Menzies present the council’s proposed approach to managing coastal change in the East Riding to the Minister.

The proposed approach includes:

  • the extension of the Coastal Communities Fund (CCF) to allow funding applications for coastal change mitigation/adaptation;
  • flexibility in the use of Defra’s Basic Erosion Assistance Grant (BEAG) to support people whose homes are affected by coastal erosion; and
  • the development of a Coastal Change Management Framework by the council.

The Minister was supportive of the approach and agreed to progress the issue within DEFRA and with DCLG.

Environment Minister Rory Stewart visits East Yorkshire

Following a request from East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight for the Minister with responsibility for coastal erosion to visit East Yorkshire, Rory Stewart MP, Environment Minister at the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, came yesterday to meet Sir Greg and representatives from the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Mr Stewart, who said he wanted to see for himself the extent of the erosion, was praised by Sir Greg for taking the time and trouble of travelling to Skipsea and Ulrome to view the situation.

After viewing the coastline and seeing the extent of the erosion, the Minister afterwards discussed the situation with Sir Greg, Cllr Symon Fraser and Alan Menzies, Head of Planning and Development at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Environment Minister Rory Stewart said: “I would like to thank Sir Greg Knight and other members of the community for their time on this important issue.

“I am committed to supporting communities such as Skipsea who are impacted by coastal erosion.

“That’s why over the next six years we will invest over £1bn to manage coastal flooding and erosion, better protecting 15,000 homes”

Having seen the problem for himself, the Minister will now hold discussions with his officials and he has agreed that this will be followed by a meeting in Whitehall involving the Minister and his team together with Sir Greg, East Riding Councillors and Council officials, on a date later this year, yet which has yet to be agreed.

Sir Greg Knight MP (left) with Minister Rory Stewart MP (right) and officials looking at the erosion of the East Yorkshire Coast.

Listen: Greg welcomes ministerial visit on coastal erosion

Knight Secures Ministerial Visit on Coastal Erosion

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has secured a commitment from the Government than the Minster for coastal erosion will visit the Holderness Coast ‘shortly’ to look at the problems surrounding coastal erosion.

The East Yorkshire coastline has suffered erosion for many years but Sir Greg said he was concerned that the process was accelerating.

He adds: “It is not economically viable to defend every inch of coastline against erosion but there are other steps that can be taken and I am delighted that the Minister Rory Stewart MP is coming here very soon to see the situation for himself”.

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