The Environment And Legal Protection

July 2017

The British countryside, particularly East Yorkshire, is amongst the most beautiful in the world. Ministers are committed to safeguarding our vibrant natural environment. Until we leave the European Union, the existing arrangements remain in place. I am particularly pleased that the Treasury has confirmed that any structural fund projects, including agri-environment schemes, signed before our departure from the EU, will be honoured for their lifetime even if they run beyond this point.

Following the vote to leave, Ministers will work with environmental organisations and consult the public to develop new policies. Leaving the EU means we can tailor them to the needs of our own habitats and wildlife, instead of following a one size fits all approach for 28 different countries. Ministers are committed to seizing this opportunity as they work on an ambitious 25 Year Plan for the environment.

I am pleased that the Government has a track record of creating and improving habitats, and I welcome the commitment to plant 11 million more trees by 2020.

Britain’s share of electricity generated from renewables has doubled since 2009 and Ministers are determined to ensure we become a world leader in the new green economy.