East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight said he was “very pleased” that his Private Member’s Bill, the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill has, successfully passed its first hurdle in the House of Lords, after receiving its Second Reading.

The Bill enjoys cross-party support, including the backing of the Government, and has already passed all of its stages in the House of Commons.

If successful in the House of Lords, Sir Greg’s Bill will introduce a statutory code of practice for private parking companies which will prevent motorists being unfairly treated.

Following the ban on wheel clamping in 2012, privately issued parking ‘tickets’ have soared to 4.7 million last year – one every 7 seconds with a number of these issued in dubious circumstances.

Sir Greg said: “The clear majority of car park providers are honest and fair but unscrupulous rogues are undermining the whole sector with bad practice”.

“A number of dodgy operators are engaging in practices such as deliberately unclear signage, ticketing people whist they are getting change or when parking payment machines are out of order and currently there is no legally binding code to prevent this”.

“My Bill does nothing to diminish the rights of landowners to earn a fair income from their land, including seeking redress when motorists don’t play by the rules. But the scales need to be rebalanced, so the system is fair for all involved. My Bill, will help stamp out rogues in the industry”.

If the Bill clears the House of Lords, it should reach the statue book later this year.

Comment from the Lords Opposition Spokesman, Labour’s Lord Kennedy: “This is an excellent private member’s Bill which will bring clarity and fairness for motorists.”