The government’s proposed EU withdrawal agreement does not have the backing of East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight, he has revealed.

“Having considered the detail what is proposed, I am concerned that the regulatory regime proposed for Northern Ireland is a threat to the integrity of the UK.

“Secondly, there is an indefinite ‘backstop’ arrangement where the EU holds a veto over our ability to exit -and the proposals amount to the UK accepting an amalgam of the EU Customs Union and Single Market obligations.”

“The terms of the proposed deal do not sit well with previous assurances that we would leave the Customs Union because annexe 2 of the proposed deal says otherwise. Also, we were told that we would be out of the jurisdiction of the European Court, but Article 174 says otherwise.

Sir Greg also referred to the Attorney General’s legal advice which he said gave him “further cause for concern.”

“The Legal Position confirms the backstop has no unilateral exit, could last decades, that the UK loses control of tariffs and would create a regulatory border in the Irish Sea.

He concludes: “I regret to say that I find the current deal unacceptable and, in its present form, I will not vote for it