Greg is one of a number of politicians who are backing the new campaign by charity “Crisis” to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless.

Crisis is a national charity committed to ending homelessness and the impact that it has on people’s lives by researching the causes of homelessness and tackling it.

Greg and the other 3 members of ‘MP4’ who are the world’s only parliamentary rock group, have launched a new EP in the House of Commons. All profits raised will go to help the homeless.

The band, made up of the SNP’s Pete Wishart MP, Labour’s Kevin Brennan MP, former Labour MP Ian Cawsey, and Greg, hope the disc will shine a light on Britain’s homeless crisis.

The EP, released by Revolver Records, is entitled ‘MP4 EP5’ and features 5 original tracks, including Do You See Me?, a moving plea to passers-by written from the point of view of a rough sleeper.

Stars including Feargal Sharkey and Specials legend Neville Staple (pictured above) have given their support to the project.

Greg says: “Homelessness is a complex issue requiring political action, but we also know, as a cross-party group of MPs, that to get results we need to keep public awareness high.”

To download the EP from iTunes, click here.