Sir Greg Knight says he will vote against any proposals for a second referendum on the issue of whether Britain leaves the European Union.

The MP told his East Yorkshire constituents: “Whether Britain manages to secure a deal on our terms of leaving the EU is still uncertain, but this has not stopped Remainers from predicting catastrophe and chaos whatever happens, despite being repeatedly proved wrong with their predictions.

He adds: “We were told that overseas investment in the country would dry up, but overseas investors are proving to be ever more willing to invest in the UK, bringing over 75,000 new jobs in the last year.

“Then we were told that our economy would collapse, but it continues to boom, with our unemployment rate now at its lowest level since the 1970’s.

“Amid all this good news, some of those who are still unhappy with the result are now demanding a second referendum, something that they euphemistically call a “People’s Vote”.

“However, we have already had a “People’s Vote” -the first referendum- and we are still waiting for it to be implemented!

Some Remainers argue “But democracies are entitled to change their minds” but this is a devious assertion. Would those wanting a second referendum be willing to accept a third referendum, to verify the outcome of the second? And then what about a fourth, and so on.

“Also, as Brexit hasn’t happened yet, a second referendum would not be changing a decision that has been implemented but sabotaging one that has not yet been enacted.

“That is one good reason why I will vote against any such proposition.”