East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has complained to the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) about recent failures and shortcomings concerning the operation of the 8 to 8 service at the Alfred Bean Hospital in Driffield.

Earlier this year, the CCG announced that the Minor Injuries Unit at Alfred Bean Hospital would close on 3rd April and be replaced by an 8-8 Centre the following day and that the 8-8 service would treat cuts, sprains, minor burns, insect and animal bites, etc.

“In a number of cases the 8 to 8 service has failed completely or has been found badly wanting” says Greg “and as the CCG assured everyone that their changes were not about saving money, I want to know what on earth is going on.”

“If the CCG do not respond positively and deal with these issues satisfactorily, then I intend to continue to pursue the matter” Greg says.

“In short, the service as currently operating is not good enough” he adds.