East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is sponsoring a motion in the House of Commons calling for meat packaging to reveal the method of animal slaughter used.

The motion calls on the Government to introduce a legally binding labelling scheme and a specifically recognised mark which would identify meat that has been humanely pre-stunned before slaughter.

Sir Greg has long campaigned on this matter and in 2010 Commons authorities revealed, in response to a question he tabled, that they had previously served ritually slaughtered halal meat to Members of Parliament without their knowledge or request.

Sir Greg said, “The practice of ritual slaughtering animals without pre-stunning is not only rife, it causes excessive pain and distress to the animal, and in most cases the customer does not require it, let alone want it.”

“If a small number of people require animals to be slaughtered in a specific way for religious reasons then so be it, but most people would be appalled if they learnt that they were unwittingly an unnecessarily consuming meat from animals that had their throats slit without any pre-stunning”.

Sir Greg concluded; “As we leave the European Union we will regain power over food labelling and this matter should be near the top of Minister’s action list”.