East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is one of the sponsors of a cross-party Parliamentary motion calling on the Government to help struggling pubs.

Sir Greg says: “Pubs provide employment for over 900,000 people and contribute £23 billion to the economy. However, figures just released show that 18 pubs are still closing every week.

Sir Greg, a long-term campaigner for pubs, said: “Across Britain pubs are still closing at an alarming rate, especially small family owned pubs in rural areas. 80% of pubs are ran as small businesses, employing local people and in many cases the pub is effectively the ‘hub’ of the local village community, so it is vital that the Government does everything possible to help them keep their doors open”.

He added: “The Government is to be applauded for cutting the beer duty, extending rate relief for pubs until March 2019 and reducing red tape but there is still more that can be done and it is important that this issue is kept high on the agenda.”