East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has backed ‘Salt Awareness Week’ at the House of Commons to highlight the impact that a high salt intake can have on health.

‘National Salt Awareness Week’, is taking place between Monday 12th – Sunday 18th March 2018. It is supported by many expert bodies including the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and the Stroke Association. Organisers hope to encourage the food industry and food outlets to reduce unnecessary salt, in both processed food and cooked meals.

Sir Greg said: “Some food manufacturers and restaurants still use excessive and unnecessary levels of salt. They need to be shamed into providing food with less added salt”. Sir Greg pointed out that some Chinese take-away meals contained half the recommended daily salt intake and said if restaurants refused to cut salt they should be forced to issue health warnings because they are often too high in salt.

Sir Greg said, “Many people still don’t realise that a high salt diet can not only lead to high blood pressure, but also to osteoporosis and other diseases and National Salt Awareness Week is to be congratulated for drawing attention to the risks”.