Sir Greg Knight, MP for East Yorkshire, has welcomed comments from farming Minster George Eustace MP indicating that Britain could see a shake-up of food labelling rules after we leave the EU.

Currently food labelling regulations disadvantage British farmers, confuse consumers and do not promote animal welfare and currently, ministers are powerless to act because these rules are set by the EU.

Sir Greg, who has been a long-term campaigner on this issue, said: “Food labelling should be simple, clear and truthful but at the moment it is lacking all of these”.

In just this past year we have seen New Zealand lamb slipped into a major supermarket chain’s ‘Lancashire’ Hot-Pot, bacon from foreign reared pigs regularly passed off as ‘British’ because it was processed in the UK and, despite many concerned consumers asking for the information, people still have no idea if the meat that they buy has been pre-stunned before slaughter”.

“More and clearer information is desperately required. When these rules are updated it will not only be good for consumers but it will also give a boost to East Yorkshire farmers who pursue some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world but currently cannot differentiate their superior product on the supermarket shelves”.

Speaking about the method of slaughter used, farming Minister George Eustace recently made clear that he believes the public should be told how their meat is slaughtered. He said: “The Government believes that consumers should have the necessary information available to them to make an informed choice”, he added, “This is something we can consider in the context of leaving the EU.”