East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has welcomed Charlie Whitington from Pocklington, for a week of work experience in his Westminster office.

Charlie, a 19-year-old politics student, took a week out of his university studies to draft parliamentary questions, help with constituency work, and undertake research for Sir Greg.

Whilst at Westminster, Charlie was given a tour of the Palace of Westminster, had the opportunity to observe a House of Commons debate and sit in on some parliamentary committees. This all took place during UK Parliament Week, an annual event that seeks to engage people from across the UK with Parliament.

Charlie, who studies at the University of Sheffield, said “This week has been a fantastic opportunity, not only to allow me to learn about the inner workings of British politics, but also to be given the opportunity to perform tasks that are both interesting and have real importance.”

“Most of my time at University is spent studying theory, so it was exciting to get into real-life practice and experience the day to day workings of an MP’s office. It’s helped me develop skills and knowledge that I will be able to use in the future, as well as being a very enjoyable week.”

Sir Greg said: “I have been very happy to welcome Charlie to Westminster this week. It is important that MPs create opportunities for young people considering a career in politics to experience Parliament first-hand”.