East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has welcomed the news that 6 British former soldiers, including Paul Towers from East Yorkshire, who have been imprisoned on weapons charges in India since 2013, are to be released.

The so-called ‘Chennai 6’ always denied the charges, which were initially quashed but later reinstated. The former soldiers appealed, and a judge has just ruled that they be acquitted.

It is not yet known when Mr Towers and the other British nationals will be able to return home, as the authorities might appeal against the decision.

Sir Greg said: “I am delighted at this court decision and pleased that it is a full acquittal. The court also ordered that the men’s passports be released which is a good sign that an end could be near for this whole sorry saga”.

Before the men leave India they need to obtain exit visas which are being urgently sought by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Sir Greg added: “The proceedings before the Indian courts have taken far too long. Even if all the men get home for Christmas, which now looks likely, there is an injustice here.”