East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is sponsoring a House of Commons Motion calling for an end to exorbitant airport parking charges for those waiting to pick up and drop off passengers.

The move follows a new trend among airports across the UK to charge at drop off and pick up points close to the terminal for very short times. Some airports still allow free initial parking whist others now charge motorists as much as £7 for a brief stay.

Sir Greg said: “The fact that many airports offer free parking for picking up and dropping off passengers demonstrates that fleecing passengers at every stage of their journey is simply not necessary.

Charging motorists relatively small sums slows down the drop off and pick up process as motorists are forced to go through ritual of feeding coins into a payment machine or fumbling in their pockets for a payment card whilst the queue of cars behind them grows”.

He added: “This trend is especially concerning in the case of airports without rail links where many people have no choice but to use a car.”

The motion calls for an urgent review of the present situation.