Greg To Take on Rogue Parking Companies

This year, East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is one of 20 MPs to be successful in the ballot to present a Private Members Bill to Parliament.

Sir Greg has tabled the Parking (Code of Practice) Bill for debate after discovering that the number of privately issued parking ‘tickets’ soared to 4.7 million last year – a rise of 28% in just one year.

Following the ban on wheel clamping in 2012, private parking providers are now issuing a ticket every seven seconds – many of them in dubious circumstances.

Some dodgy operators are engaging in practices including ‘ghost ticketing’, unclear and ambiguous signing and issuing tickets despite malfunctioning parking payment machines. Currently, there is no legally-binding, mandatory code of practice.

Sir Greg said: “Of course private landowners have rights, but when landowners invite people to park on their property the rules need to be fair to both parties.

“Time and again I hear horror stories from motorists, so this Bill will reform unfair parking practices. It will oblige anyone who wants to run a car park on private land to operate in a fair and reasonable way that respects the rights of all involved.”