Knight Calls for Action on Unlawful Traveller Camps

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is one of a number of MPs sponsoring a House of Commons Motion calling for coordinated action to tackle unauthorised Traveller encampments across Britain.

A situation frequently arises where some Traveller groups are evicted from public land, often a public park or recreation facility, only to return days or weeks later. Police are often having to deal with anti-social and illegal behaviour whilst local authorities are obliged to seek multiple eviction notices and local taxpayers bear the costs of clearing sites after the Traveller groups leave.

Sir Greg said: “We need an urgent review of existing legal powers to deal with unauthorised encampments. The situation as it stands is unacceptable because local residents, who pay for public amenities through their taxes, are all too often then temporarily prevented from using them as well as having to suffer unacceptable noise and nuisance”.