Following revelations that dozens of African elephants are still being killed every day East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is backing an all-party Parliamentary motion calling for a total end to the ivory trade in the UK.

Under existing law only antique ivory is allowed to be bought and sold in Britain. However it has emerged that some unscrupulous dealers are falsely ‘antiquing’ ivory using artificial stains or ageing techniques. Because of this deception other nations are now introducing a total ban on ivory trade.

Sir Greg said: “Currently an average of one African elephant is killed every 15 minutes for its ivory. This is an international disgrace. By far the best way to save the African elephant is to remove the confusion and introduce a total ban on ivory sales with immediate effect”.

“We should do everything possible to preserve these endangered creatures for the next generation because elephants should be appreciated in their natural habitat – not in the form of a coffee-table trinket or ornament”.