East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is calling for further action to be taken to put an end to the growing problem of dog attacks on livestock. This follows the release of shocking new figures which reveal that approximately 15,000 sheep in the UK were killed by dogs in 2016 and thousands more were injured.

Sir Greg has raised this issue with Ministers in Parliament and he is urging a thorough review of the laws on livestock worrying.

Sir Greg says: “Too many city people come to rural areas like East Yorkshire and allow their dogs to torment and sometimes attack local livestock. Unfortunately, some of these people do not realise that even without an animal being attacked, the distress caused by unruly dogs can cause aborted lambs and other problems for sheep”.

He added: “If dog owners have even the slightest doubt about their ability to control their pet, they should keep the animal on a lead”.

“It seems that the current maximum penalty of £1,000 fine may be not enough to provide a deterrent. It is certainly not proportionate to the thousands of pounds of damage dogs can cause to livestock”.

Sir Greg welcomed the fact that the police were looking at what further action could be taken adding: “Increasing the chances of prosecution so that this irresponsible behaviour is punished is a very good start”.