Knight Calls for Investigation into Ivory Trade ‘Loophole’

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is asking the Government to establish an inquiry into the extent to which antique dealers are misrepresenting the age of ivory in order to bypass sanctions on its sale.

Currently the sale of post-1947 ivory is banned in the UK. However it may be traded if it originates from prior to 1947. There are now reports of some unscrupulous traders selling ivory by exploiting this ‘loophole’ and falsely claiming it to be from a pre-1947 date.

Sir Greg, who has campaigned on this matter at Westminster, said: “Significant progress has been made protecting the world’s endangered species thanks in part to the work of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, but we can do more”.

“If there is widespread flouting of the rules then those responsible need to feel the full force of the law. I am asking Ministers to launch an enquiry to establish the true scale of deceit on this matter”.

He added: “We need to take firm and effective action to protect endangered wildlife”.