East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is calling for changes to broadband advertising rules.

Currently broadband companies can make claims which suggest download speeds achieved by a mere 10% of their customers are available to everyone.

In the House of Commons Sir Greg said: “Is it not the case that, in effect, those who advertise in this way obtain by false pretences? They use statistics selectively and in a misleading way to obtain business”.

Sir Greg adds: “This needs tightening up so customers have a realistic idea of what they’re getting without having to read through pages of fine print”.

The Minister for the Digital Economy Matthew Hancock replied: “Broadband, customers need clear, concise and accurate information to make an informed choice. We are therefore including measures in the Digital Economy Bill to strengthen Ofcom’s powers to provide information to consumers, including data on the accuracy of broadband speed predictions”.

“We are working with regulators and industry to ensure that advertising for broadband more accurately reflects the actual speeds consumers can expect to receive, rather than a headline ‘up to’ speed available only to a few”.

“There should not be a gap between what is promised by providers and what is experienced by the consumer.”

Sir Greg welcomed the Minister’s commitment to reforming the current system which he said was ‘good news’ for consumers.