East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has pressed Ministers in Parliament to ensure that lessons have been learnt from previous outbreaks of Avian Flu. Exactly two years ago, an avian flu case in East Yorkshire lead to quarantine restrictions being put in place and the culling of thousands of birds.

Responding to Sir Greg, Farming Minister George Eustice MP revealed that now regular assessments of the potential avian influenza risk take place and additional biosecurity advice is given to poultry keepers. In addition, the Minister said that “a new level of vigilance and reporting is encouraged” when suspicion of disease arises.

Sir Greg said: “There are millions of farmed birds across the UK with many in East Yorkshire and all of them are vulnerable to the highly contagious avian flu. I am pleased that the Government is taking a pro-active approach to biosecurity both in East Yorkshire and across the UK.”.

“This way we should hopefully be able to avoid a repeat of what happened in 2014”.