Sir Greg Knight, MP for East Yorkshire, who is a leading member of the British Infrastructure Group, is calling on the Government to make changes to the law so that mobile phone customers can ‘roam’ between networks in rural areas where they struggle to get a signal whilst in the UK.

The British Infrastructure Group says that mobile phone companies are not working hard enough to help the 17 million Britons who have poor reception in the area that they live.

Sir Greg said, “For too long mobile phone companies have been putting profit before customer service. International visitors get better reception than UK residents because they are not restricted to any one network. The time for excuses is over”.

He added: “It is absurd that in a geographically small and densely populated country like Britain many people in rural areas are forced to carry two phones on different networks. This does not happen when we are in the rest of Europe so the Government needs to act to bring mobile phone policy into the 21st Century”.

The British Infrastructure Group comprises nearly 100 MPs and includes Scunthorpe Labour MP Nic Dakin who is also backing the call for action.