A unique gathering of 90 British motor vehicles has taken place at Buckingham Palace as part of the on-going celebrations of the Queen’s life and reign.

The vehicles, one for each year of the Queen’s life, ranged from pre-war cars to those with the latest 21st century technology. When the Queen was born, internal combustion engines were still in their relative infancy but today hydrogen cells and lithium-ion batteries are the new technology in the car industry.

The event was organised by East Yorkshire Conservative MP Sir Greg Knight, who chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group and motoring enthusiast John Cole.

Sir Greg, who represented 1963, drove his Jensen CV8 coupe made that year, from Yorkshire to Buckingham Palace. He said: “The superb collection of British vehicles not only showed Britain’s great manufacturing heritage but also told the story of how technology has moved during the Queen’s life”.

The vehicles were inspected on behalf of the Queen by motoring enthusiast HRH Prince Michael of Kent.

Also attending was former Yorkshire MEP Lord Kirkhope, who joined Greg in inspecting the vehicles.

The event proved to be a big boost to tourism with hundreds of visitors lining the streets of London to view the cars. Sir Greg said: “I hope that the Bridlington Festival of Motoring can go ahead next year because events like these are very popular with visitors”.

Sir Greg with former Yorkshire MEP Lord Kirkhope