It has just been announced that the Government plans to ban all sales of modern day ivory, putting UK ivory rules among the world’s toughest and East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is backing the move, calling for global action to end elephant poaching.

The news follows figures just released which show global demand for ivory has seen almost 150,000 elephants lost to poaching in under a decade, their numbers dwindling by almost a third.

Sir Greg, who has previously called for coordinated action and harsher penalties for poachers, said today: “Elephants are magnificent animals that are now endangered, all because of the nauseous human demand for trinkets made from ivory. The UK has a strong record as a global leader in the fight against the illegal wildlife trade but there is more we should do to bring an end to this poaching and ivory trafficking. I welcome this move which should reduce the market for ivory”.

Sir Greg added: “I hope that other nations take similar action and follow the UKs lead.”