East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is calling on supermarket giant Tesco to end its ‘sharp practice’ of using British-sounding farm names to sell fresh produce which comes from abroad.

Tesco has created ‘brand names’ of a number of non-existent farms including ‘Willow Farms’, ‘Rosedene Farms’ and ‘Boswell Farms’.

Sir Greg explains: “However, the names of these farms don’t have any link to where the product has been sourced, which means the customer is likely to be mislead. Pigmeat products, for example, from Denmark, Holland and Germany are all being sold under the ‘Woodside Farms’ brand.

Sir Greg said, “This is clearly a case of misleading marketing. Tesco is trying to benefit from the positive affinity customers have with British farmers, yet it is exploiting those farmers by passing off inferior foreign produce as high-quality British food.”

He adds: “Currently UK food labelling regulations are devolved to the European Union but I will be pressing for more transparent and honest labelling laws when we the UK regains control in this area”.

A number of farmers have already expressed concern over the Tesco marketing ploy.