A new hydrogen-powered prototype car, which emits 0% pollution, has been displayed at Parliament and East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight, who chairs the All Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicles Group, was the first MP on hand to check it out and welcome the vehicle to Westminster.

The vehicle itself, a fully operational engineering prototype, weighs only 580 kg. It has four electric motors, one in each wheel, which recover over 50% of kinetic energy when the car is braking.

The body is made of lightweight composites and it is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell the size of a shoebox.

Sir Greg said: “Together these technologies deliver ground-breaking performance, reaching 60mph, efficiency of around 250 mpg and a range of 300 miles”.

The ‘The ‘Riversimple Rasa’, as the car is called, is believed to be the most efficient car in the world designed for ordinary road-going use (40gCO2/km well-to-wheel) and has no tailpipe emissions – just water. The car weighs just 580kg and is incredibly aerodynamic.

The unique design, the result of 15 years of development, is set to roll off the production line next year. Riversimple will supply 20 hand-built hydrogen cell cars to be shared by 60-80 people for a pilot programme before they hit the streets in 2018.

It marks the start of the company’s ambitious plans to kick-start hydrogen infrastructure in the UK by developing a community of users around a single hydrogen refuelling station.

Sir Greg, who met with directors from Riversimple, adds: “Even owners of historic vehicles can admire this new technology!

Indeed, we all should embrace cutting-edge and innovative new models, particularly if, like this one, they have zero emissions.”