During one of the most turbulent weeks British politics has yet witnessed, Headlands School student Olivia Traves joined East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight at Westminster for a week of work experience with her Member of Parliament.

The seventeen year old travelled from Flamborough to London last Sunday evening and began the week of work experience the next day. Olivia’s week began with her watching Prime Minister, David Cameron, make his first statement to the House of Commons since the UK had voted to leave the European Union. Olivia said: “It was extremely fascinating to see first-hand the reactions of both the Conservative and Labour MP’s and to hear their questions”. As the week progressed Olivia took the chance to learn more about the BBC during a Parliament Select Committee hearing in which the BBC’s relaunch policy was considered.

During the week Olivia also helped in Sir Greg’s office and assisted with his work at Westminster.

Olivia also observed a debate on football hooliganism in Westminster Hall where she saw all parties express their concerns about football violence and its consequences.
Olivia said: “It was a gripping and illuminating week and I thank Sir Greg for giving me the opportunity to take part in this eye-opening experience.”

Sir Greg said after Olivia’s visit “It is extremely important that young people understand and take an interest in politics and the work of the House of Commons. I am grateful for the work Olivia has done this week and I wish her the very best for the future” .