Whilst the debate continues on television, radio and in the press about whether Britain should remain or leave the European Union, some of the most colourful campaigning in the country has taken place locally.

This week, those supporting “Vote Leave” took to the streets in a plethora of classic and vintage vehicles to publicise their message –and their style of campaigning won widespread support from local residents and tourists alike, who honked, waved and interrupted their journeys to show support.

Led by East Yorkshire campaigner Dorothy Hesp, an array of classic, and mainly British, vehicles were out on the streets this weekend. The centrepiece of attraction was a 1963 Abbott tank owned and driven by local businessman Bill Dodds.

The campaigners were given a boost when they were joined by East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight, who arrived to offer his support in a 1968 Rover P5B Coupe. Other vehicles adding to the colour were a 1964 Humber Super Snipe, a 1961 Morris Oxford, a 1970’s Triumph Toledo and some vintage bicycles.

Pictured are Sir Greg Knight MP and other ‘Leave’ campaigners.

The referendum on whether Britain should remain or leave the EU takes place on 23rd June.