Organised dog fights occur every day in Britain despite the practice being illegal for over 200 years. Now a group of MPs are calling for tough action to be taken to stamp out this cruel so-called ‘sport’.

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is one of a number of MPs who are sponsoring a House of Commons motion calling for a new national anti-dog fighting strategy and also stiffer penalties to be imposed on people convicted of dog fighting offences.

Sir Greg said “The problem is not dogs fighting by chance on the street. We are talking about a planned, deliberate activity, often using illegal breeds” he said, adding, “These dogs are trained to fight in harnesses and against ‘bait’ dogs”.

Sir Greg praised the work of the RSPCA in pursuing this crime and pointed to the recent arrest of 5 suspects and the simultaneous rescue of 6 dogs including one with severe injuries and part of its ear missing, all due to illegal dog fighting.

Greg says: “Anyone who suspects organised dog fighting is occurring locally should contact the RSPCA in confidence on 0300 1234 999”.