East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has welcomed the new agreement called the Buckingham Palace Declaration as a step forward towards stamping out the illegal trade in endangered wildlife.

The 11-point Buckingham Palace Declaration made this month, commits to shut down the routes exploited by traffickers in the illegal wildlife trade to move their products. It has been signed by 40 organisations including transportation companies and will mean poachers will in future struggle to move their illegal products out of Africa. In addition transport companies have now committed to passing information about dubious cargo shipments onto law enforcement officials.

Sir Greg, who has campaigned in Parliament for action against African poachers, praised Prince William and the former Foreign Secretary Lord Hague for brokering the deal.

Sir Greg said: “This is an important step forward in the battle to preserve animals like African elephants and rhinoceroses for future generations. Poachers rely on being able to move their ill-gotten gains around the world and this new agreement will hopefully block their business. I hope this will lead to a sharp drop in the numbers of endangered animals being slaughtered”.

Pictured: East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight with a stuffed tiger cub which was slaughtered at 10 days of age and then mounted on a wooden plinth solely for “decorative purposes”. The baby cub “ornament” was seized during a police raid in the UK.