East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has met Farming Minister George Eustice MP to discuss farming issues in East Yorkshire.

Sir Greg and Mr Eustice discussed a number of concerns including food labelling, CAP payments and prospects for British agriculture should the UK leaves the EU.

Mr Eustice said Britain would likely keep something similar to the current system but he would allow farmers to enrol automatically rather than having the chaos of an annual application process with a fixed deadline.

He said the existing way of addressing rural development would be completely scrapped if the UK left the EU, meaning the bureaucratic and unnecessary ‘two pillar’ structure would be replaced and higher levels of animal welfare on British farms would be rewarded.

Mr Eustice criticised needing to “wrestle with all sorts of EU regulation” during his time as Defra minister and said that many problems farmers had “stemmed from dysfunctional European regulations over which we have very little power to change”.

Both Sir Greg and the Minister agreed on the multi-billion pound “Brexit dividend”. Sir Greg said: “We could, without a shadow of a doubt find the money to spend £2bn on farming as we currently pay in £13bn annually to the EU”.