The British Infrastructure Group of MPs, of which East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is a member, has just released its first report examining UK broadband.

The report is an analysis of broadband services across the UK and concludes that BT and Openreach should be split and the regulator should toughen up their act so that better broadband is provided to homes and businesses, particularly in rural areas.

Sir Greg said: “In 2016, people in East Yorkshire rightly expect access to high-speed internet connections. Whether at home or work, fast broadband should be a reality in all our communities and it is especially important in rural areas where the population is often geographically isolated”.

“Britain should be leading the world in digital innovation. We have come a long way but we can do even better by breaking up a monopoly company which is clinging to old technology with no apparent long-term plan. We will only achieve a world class service by taking action to open up the sector to competition. We are calling for the separation of BT from Openreach to create fresh competition to deliver the broadband service that people in East Yorkshire rightly expect”.

The British Infrastructure Group of MPs will be pursuing the matter with Government Ministers.