East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight, has expressed ‘concerns’ about the state of the British pig industry.

Sir Greg said today: ‘This country is only approximately 40 per cent self sufficient in pork and yet pig farmers are losing up to £10 on every pig they sell as a result of over-supply from the European Union. ‘

Help is needed and with very little effort independent butchers could help. Most customers assume the pork they buy is British, so if butchers are selling cheaper imported products, they should be honest and label it prominently as such.

Restaurants could help too by making a virtue of serving British pork.

And last of all, customers should always make a point of checking the pork, bacon, ham and sausages they buy are British. After all, pork is good value at present as our pig farmers are only being paid at 2007 levels.

If everyone plays their part we can ensure that Britain continues to have a thriving pig industry.

Sir Greg has long-campaigned for better food labelling laws.