East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is warning the public about a new scam which has seen thousands of pounds lost to plausible conmen posing as Police officers.

The scam has many variations, but in most cases the victim is telephoned by someone who claims to be from their bank. The victim is told that their account has been compromised. The person then hands over the phone to a second crook who claims to be a police officer, who then advises them to transfer their funds into a ‘secure account’, for which the details are then provided by the conmen.

The scam has already successfully duped victims in Yorkshire and there have also been numerous other attempts

Sir Greg said today: “Never give away your bank or personal details to strangers and under no circumstances should you ever transfer funds to unknown accounts. If you have any doubts about a call you have received unexpectedly, then alarm bells should be ringing. Immediately hang up the phone and contact the police”.

Sir Greg added: “These are cruel crimes perpetrated by unscrupulous criminals who target vulnerable victims. I would urge those with elderly family and friends to warn them about the scam, so they do not fall foul of these swindlers.”