East Yorkshire MP, Sir Greg Knight is warning the public about a new scam where people ordering a ‘free’ sample of skin cream have their bank accounts drained of hundreds of pounds.

Sir Greg said: “Online companies including ‘Age Renew’, ‘Aloe Vera Cleanse’, ‘Aloe Vera 4 Diet’, ‘Healthy Ketone’ and others offer a so-called ‘free’ sample that only require between £3-£4 for postage but the small print means customers are, unbeknown to them, signing up for an £80 monthly subscription which is then extremely difficult to cancel.

“It is estimated that scams like this are costing its customers more than £30,000 cumulatively every day”.

Sir Greg adds: “Extreme caution should always be used when handing over credit or debit card information online. It is always safer to send a cheque, if possible, and people should be especially wary if they have received an unsolicited contact by email or online”.

The MP concludes: “At this festive time of year it is easy to think that you are treating someone to a free trial for a modest outlay only to find you are plunged into unexpected debt. My message is: always read the small-print before you complete the order”.

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