East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is calling on the Government to require newly qualified doctors who are trained at public expense to have work in the NHS for at least two years.

Parliamentary questioning by Sir Greg has revealed that the cost of doctors training, funded by the taxpayer, is nearly half a million pounds per doctor.  It has also emerged that more than 10% of newly qualified medics do not work in our NHS despite a shortage of UK doctors.

Following calls from Sir Greg, the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is now considering making newly-qualified doctors who wish to go directly from medical school to practice abroad or to take up lucrative contracts in the private sector to pay back a portion of their training cost.

Sir Greg said: “My argument is simple: it cannot be unreasonable to expect someone who has been educated at vast cost to the public purse to be required to spend a short period working in the NHS, giving something back to the taxpayers who paid for their training in the first place”.