East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is sponsoring a parliamentary motion calling for utility providers to allow customers to choose how they receive bills and statements without financial penalty. The motion points out that around 18 million people in the UK, many of them elderly, do not have access to the internet yet they are penalised by utility companies for receiving a paper bill through the post.

Sir Greg says that the campaign against the paper bill penalty, ‘Keep Me Posted’ has the support of dozens of consumer groups and charities. He paid tribute to four utility companies, including Yorkshire Water, that have now pledged not to penalise those who choose a paper bill.

Sir Greg adds: “Utility companies should not be allowed to dictate how people receive their bills or indeed how they pay them, especially for the sole purpose of enhancing their own profits. Insisting on issuing an electronic bill is no use at all to someone who neither has a computer nor internet access and no member of the public should not be penalised in this way”.