East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is backing a Parliamentary Motion calling for the publication of the results of animal experiments.

The motion aims to encourage different laboratories to use each other’s research in order to reduce the need for live testing, and ensure that there can be informed public debate on the merits of each trial by making information more widely available.

Sir Greg also backs the increased use of Freedom of Information requests to ensure that animal laboratories are more transparent and open to scrutiny.

He said: ‘Despite some progress in recent years, more work still needs to be done to ensure that animal testing is carried out only when absolutely necessary’.

Sir Greg added: ‘This is a simple step that can be taken to better safeguard animals, and can be achieved without infringing on the ability of British scientists to continue to produce world-leading medical research.’

Cruelty Free International has praised Sir Greg’s commitment to animal welfare and say they are ‘delighted’ with his continued support on the issue.