As we eagerly anticipate British Summertime, which arrives this weekend, East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has called for the scrapping of ‘winter time’ this autumn so we can enjoy lighter afternoons the whole year around.

Sir Greg has renewed his earlier calls for the UK to use ‘Double Summertime’ in summer and ‘Single Summertime’ in winter.

Sir Greg, who has long campaigned in the House of Commons for this change, is backed by road safety campaigners, Tourism bosses, the Football Association, the England and Wales Cricket Board, the Lawn Tennis Association and The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

“Putting Britain on summertime this winter would greatly help tourism in East Yorkshire and elsewhere and would also reduce accidents”.

Sir Greg added, “In the morning, most road journeys are predictable and people are fresh and alert. If the first journey of the day was partly in darkness, it would still be safer than the present situation where for over three months of the year, most afternoon and early evening journeys are carried out in darkness.”

“Saving lives is not the only reason for changing the clocks”, added Sir Greg, “we would also save energy as daylight hours would better reflect our waking hours.”