East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has welcomed the pledge by the Conservative Party that they will not subsidise any new onshore wind farms if they win the 2015 General Election.

The change in policy comes following representations by Sir Greg and his parliamentary colleague Chris Heaton Harris MP who have led a campaign against onshore windfarm subsidies.

In welcoming the commitment Sir Greg said that there had been a divide in the coalition on this issue. “Unfortunately the Liberal Democrat part of the coalition government is in love with wind farms but wind farms drive up energy bills and blight the countryside. As we have enough onshore wind in the pipeline to meet our renewable commitments there should now be a halt to their construction. Certainly I do not want to see any more wind farms in East Yorkshire”.

Sir Greg added: “Without the subsidy of public money new onshore windfarms will not be viable”.

Sir Greg, who has campaigned against wind farms for several years, also welcomed the Conservative commitment to change the law within six months of winning the election so all onshore wind farm applications would be handled by local planning authorities giving local people the final say on what happens in their area.

However, The Times newspaper’s Environment Editor Ben Webster revealed earlier this year that if Labour win the May General Election, the Party has secretly promised the renewables industry that “thousands more wind turbines will be built across the countryside”.

In the House of Commons, Sir Greg is one of the sponsors of a Parliamentary Bill to immediately end onshore windfarm subsidies but this is being opposed by Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs.