East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight has called on the Government to switch of selected traffic lights in towns and cities during less busy periods.

Sir Greg, who chairs the All Party Parliamentary Historic Vehicle Group, said “It is estimated that just in London road congestion costs the economy £4bn per year. Delays, on average, cost each motorist around £17 per hour.

“In our capital city alone switching off some traffic lights from midnight to 6am would save 819 thousand hours of delay a year, millions of pounds of fuel and thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions”

Sir Greg is calling for the Government to initiate a traffic light switch off trial in towns and cities across Britain.

Speaking in the House of Commons Sir Greg pressed transport Minister John Hayes on the matter. Mr Hayes revealed that although the Government had no current plans, he would certainly ‘consider’ Sir Greg’s suggestion.

Sir Greg rejects claims that such actions would lead to an increase in accidents and points to other international cities which have used this method to reduce traffic congestion with good results.

Sir Greg adds: ”Most motorists driving at night have experienced being unnecessarily held up at traffic lights when there is no other traffic or pedestrians seeking to use the junction. We should manage our roads in a better way to reduce unnecessary and costly delays to motorists”.