East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight is pressing the Government for further action to stamp out the illegal international trade in endangered animals.

In the House of Commons Sir Greg highlighted that many courier firms transport illegal animal parts and derivative products without inquiring what it is they are delivering and suggested more could be done to stamp out this vile crime.

Sir Greg said he was ‘repulsed’ by the trade and was calling for international action on the issue.

Responding, Leader of the House of Commons William Hague MP said Sir Greg: “Made a very powerful point” and went on to say: “As Chair of the Ministerial Committee on Animal Health and Animal Issues, I also feel extremely strongly about this issue. I believe there is more that Governments across the world can do, and I will be doing some work on that in the next few months”.

Sir Greg welcomed the commitment from Mr Hague and hoped to soon see further global initiatives to cut wildlife crime.