East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight has welcomed a new charge of up to £1,000 per year being imposed on foreign lorries using British roads, from April this year.

The fee will raise around £20m a year for the repair and improvement of Britain’s highway network, paid for by foreign hauliers who operate in the UK.

Sir Greg is one of the MPs who has long campaigned for this change and he also sat on the committee implementing the legislation.

Sir Greg said: “This new charge, levied on foreign lorries only, will deliver a welcome boost to the UK haulage industry and help to stop foreign hauliers undercutting British lorry drivers. It is only right that foreign lorries who fill up on cheaper French diesel before coming to Britain should contribute to the upkeep of our roads”.

The new tax has also been welcomed by the UK Road Haulage Association who said it was a “happy day” for the industry.

Foreign lorries who do not purchase a ‘vignette’ before entering the UK will be liable for a fine of up to £300.

There will be no requirement for UK registered lorries to pay a fee or to display a vignette whist in the UK.