Greg Knight is supporting moves to stamp out the international trade in endangered and vulnerable species.

Mr Knight, the MP for East Yorkshire, said he was ‘repulsed’ at the trade and was supporting increased international activity to stamp it out.

Mr Knight said: “There is a need for international action to deal with wildlife crime. The INTERPOL Wildlife Crime Working Group brings together specialized criminal investigators from around the world to tackle illegal activities on an international level and this is welcome, but more needs to be done.

“I support the work of environmental experts across the world to maximize the impact of cracking down on illegal wildlife crime”.

The MP was speaking after it was revealed that rare rhinos in wildlife parks in the UK may now be under threat from poachers. Police say they have had an anonymous tip-off that black rhinos could be targeted by poachers, who sell the horns for traditional medicine.

“Over the last few years there have been break-ins at museums where stuffed rhino heads have been stolen for their horns, but now it looks like rare live animals in the UK are being targeted,” Mr Knight said.

Mr Knight says some people believe rhino horn has potent medicinal properties but there is no evidence that this is so. He condemns the illegal trade in rhino horn, calling those who take part “ignorant and dim-witted, seeking to profit from those who are primitive and superstitious”.

The MP added, “Effective campaigns against wildlife crime, both here and overseas, have my full support.”