East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight has welcomed the pledge from the Prime Minister for Britain to have a referendum on its membership of the EU.

The Prime Minister has said that if a Conservative Government is elected in 2015, he will negotiate a new relationship for Britain in Europe before then putting our EU membership to the public.

Welcoming the pledge, Mr Knight said, “This is good news for Britain. Nobody in the UK under the age of 56 has ever been asked the fundamental question about EU membership. What’s more Europe is changing fast and many people feel that the EU is heading in a direction we didn’t sign up to and do not want”.

Mr Knight added, “I am delighted that the Conservative Manifesto for 2015 will now commit to negotiating a new deal for Britain in the European Union and then asking the British people to decide, in an in-out referendum, whether they want to remain in the EU on these new terms, or to come out”.

If the Conservatives win, the negotiation of this resettlement and the referendum will take place within the first half of the next Parliament.