Member of Parliament for East Yorkshire Greg Knight is callling on
the Government to ‘look carefully’ at the damage being caused by
high fuel prices and to scrap the planned fuel duty rise scheduled
for August this year.

Mr Knight said: ‘Fuel prices have hit record levels and the UK now
has the most expensive diesel in Europe.

He added: “High fuel prices hurt everyone, not just motorists. The
increasing cost of moving people and goods around the country
means more expensive goods and services, less money in our
wallets and a slowing of economic growth.”

Mr Knight added: “People in rural areas like East Yorkshire, where the
car is not a luxury, but a necessity, are the hardest hit by the
skyrocketing price of fuel. Almost everything is a car journey in
rural areas; the shops, the schools, the doctors and getting to work.
Often there is no alternative of using public transport.”

Referring to the Chancellors previous freeze on fuel duty, Mr Knight
said: “The present Government has done its bit since 2010 to put a
lid on the cost of motoring and our fuel tax is currently 10 pence
lower than it would have been without the intervention of the
Chancellor. When Mr Osborne next reviews our tax levels, the
rising cost of oil should be in the forefront of his mind.”

Mr Knight praised FairFuelUK and the Countryside Alliance who
have just revealed figures showing that as well as people having to
travel further in rural areas, they also pay more for their fuel per

The MP also criticised some garages for putting up pump prices by
more than was necessary.