East Yorkshire MP Greg Knight is one of over 100 Conservative MPs who are campaigning for the £400 million-a-year subsidies paid to the onshore wind turbine industry to be cut.

The MPs are also calling on Prime Minister David Cameron to tighten up planning laws so that local people have a better chance of stopping new farms being developed and protecting the countryside.

There are currently more than 3,000 onshore wind turbines in Britain and at the current subsidy levels at least 4,500 more are expected to be constructed over the coming years. These wind farms receive hundreds of millions of pounds from the Government and much of this cash ends up in the hands of energy companies and investment funds based abroad.

Mr Knight, who has long actively campaigned against wind farms said, “Wind farms are inefficient and unreliable. The wind cannot be guaranteed to blow at times of greatest energy demand. They are also extremely unsightly, blighting one of our most valuable natural resources – the countryside”.

Mr Knight added: “Wind farms are forcing up energy bills and swallowing disproportionate amounts of taxpayer-funded subsidies. It is wrong in these financially difficult times that hard-pressed consumers must pay for the expansion of inefficient, intermittent and unsightly onshore wind power.

Mr Knight is one of a number of signatories of a letter sent to the Prime Minister last week on this subject.

He is also due to meet the Environment Minister Richard Benyon MP later this month to discuss ways of protecting the beauty of the Yorkshire Wolds from inappropriate windfarm development and preserving it for future generations.